Friday, August 3, 2012

So, why did we buy a 1973 camper?

Well, I have always wanted to camp and I thought it would be a good idea to start out small (without going the tent route) and see how it goes!  After finding some vintage camper sites and seeing what awesome things people were doing with their little campers, I knew that was what I wanted.   I also knew that the bones had to be good because there is no way we would be able to completely overhaul one of these little gems.  I was out to paint, decorate and start glamping!  Glamping is glamorous camping, not a lot of roughing it.  So, now to find one - we scoured craigslist in the Midwest and there she was outside of Indianapolis.  Yay, we found her, a '73 Lark that looks great from the pics, and we are ready to drop everything and get down to see her. Okay, here comes the snag - we don't have a hitch!  We make lots of calls and the owner was super kind to look into the situation for us, but we concluded that our old Nissan Quest was no way able to take on a hitch.  Now what?  Well, let's first say that the Quest was in need of more work which this gal wanted nothing to do with.  It looks like it's time to speed up this story (you really don't need to hear about the conversations that went on over this little glitch! hehe!)- went to Carmax, bought a new used car, and then drove south to Indy.  Yes, all in the same day!  And yes, our new roadster has a hitch! I know you're thinking we're nuts but that's the way we do things around here!

The family we bought her from couldn't have been nicer.  They shared their camping stories and gave in depth instructions to Sweetie.   
B-Man couldn't have been happier!  Now to make the ride home in the dark, in a new car, and a camper hitched to the back.

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