Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Visit from Rocky Raccoon

There are plenty of warnings about furry friends that may come to visit your site, but I really thought they would make their way in the middle of the night when we wouldn't see them.  Well, the Starved Rock raccoons are a little on the bold side.  While eating our very first campfire dinner which was fantastic - burgers, corn on the cob, and cheesy veggies wrapped in foil (thank you pinterest), our cooler was invaded!  Our city slicker pup, whose tail was going a mile a minute, had no idea that Rocky Raccoon probably would have taken a bite out of him if he didn't get his teeth on our entire bag of Butterfingers.  That raccoon managed to lift up the lid of the cooler and swipe our bag of candy bars, the nerve of him! 

Because his eyes had a minute or two to see what else was in the cooler, he came back for the Reese's in the middle of the night!  I didn't hear him but Pic Man said he was scratching like a dog burying his bone.  We were way more prepared this time and put the other cooler that had all the beer, wine, and juice boxes on top.  No way was he getting our Reese's!

I end each night, sort of like the Walton's -
This is So Tinsel!


  1. Hi Kim & Mike!! WE LOVE THE CAMPER!!! Big changes and we love them! Love the new name too - Aunt Ethel is such a cute name...we called it "Baby Camper". Thanks for letting us see her!! She looks fantastic! Can't wait to show the kids the pix! :-) Take Care...maybe we will see you guys sometime up at Grand Haven - you guys will love it! Beth

  2. Beth,
    Hope all is well with you and the fam! Just wanted to let you know that we booked Grand Haven for Memorial day....can't wait!