Monday, August 13, 2012

Her Maiden Voyage

After cleaning, painting both inside and out, and shopping for everything one would need to glamp.  Yes, that means going down aisles at Walmart that us city slickers have never been down for every gadget known to the camping world because you never know when you will need tie wraps, bungees in every size and color or plastic doohickies to hang lights.

Well, with all the work going on to get her ready for a trip somewhere, we had no idea it is so difficult to secure a reservation.  With luck, Neighbor Joe, who has probably camped for 30 some years gave great advice: 
The first time out, ONLY go about an hour from home because if you have troubles you can get back home quickly.
He suggested Starved Rock State Park  and Illini State Park, both of which are close to home and I'm sure there had to be a Walmart nearby!

Wow, there are a lot of glampers out there because Starved Rock had one site with electric on a first come, first served basis.  I was determined to get that site because I know this is strange to hear, but I have never been there! 

We packed Ethel and the new used car with the hitch with everything you can imagine and headed west.  The further west we got the more clouds appeared along with lightening, thunder and then the rain.  Are you kidding me, we're in a drought!

We finally arrive, the rain stops and we actually get the spot that is open, which happens to be next to the friendliest bunch of Amish I have ever seen.  Just as we got everything out where we wanted the storm hit again!  All I have to say is thank goodnes for a roof and a solid floor.  I really don't know how tenters manage in the rain.  Of course Pic Man and Paddy Boy were thrilled for the storm because that meant nap time for them.  Yes, P-boy loves Aunt Ethel!

Welcome to nature, a crackling fire heating our dinner, the smell of pine, and B-man sitting with the I-Pad!

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