Friday, August 24, 2012


That's right, Ethel got herself carted off to the big house!  Well, actually the big house is our little garage. 

                                         Yes, that is a piano and a portable dishwasher!
Are you asking yourself, what did she possibly do?  Nothing!  Who knew that a cute vintage camper wasn't allowed on City of Chicago streets - hehe.

I tried pleading her case to Officer Friendly - Isn't she cute?...  She's actually smaller than some of the big pick ups on the block.....  The neighbors lover her! ..... The kids have their breakfast in her. 
It didn't work, but luckily she didn't get a ticket.

Getting the old gal in the garage wasn't easy.  Poor B-man was up on a crate pushing the garage door up as far as it could go while we pushed and I mean pushed her in. 

Remember the portable dishwasher?  Well, sweetie moved it out to make some room and forgot to put her back in.  A couple of hours later when we realized our Craigslist wannabe was left in the alley, he ran out to find her gone!  Maybe I should check Craigslist to see what the asking price is....

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  1. Hey Folks, Sorry to hear your storage plans went awry. At least now you have winter storage all figured out. Wanted to recommend, if you have a decent air compressor to refill, you could let air out of the tires to get under the garage opening. If you do and keep it stored with somewhat flat tires, put the stabilizer jacks under it to keep the tires in "normal" shape. Glad your doing well with Baby Camper, oh excuse me, Aunt Ethel. Rob in Danville